Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach & Broken Group Islands


The Pacific Rim National Park/Long Beach is comprised of three distinct units. The 1st unit, Long Beach stretches from Ucluelet to Tofino. There are many beaches making up Long Beach. Enjoy Wickinninnish Beach, Combers Beach, Half Moon Bay, Florencia Bay and of course, the most famous – Long Beach. There are also some gorgeous hiking trails – such as the Bog Trail and the Rainforest Trail and lots more.

The 2nd unit, the Broken Islands Group in Barkley Sound are only accessible by boat from Ucluelet. The islands are an amazing archipelago of over 100 islands and islets. The remote area of the islands allows one to view the prestine wilderness, unforgettable coves/beaches,clear waters and wildlife. This is a MUST while in Ucluelet! Many tours depart from Ucluelet daily by zodiac/boat/yacht/sailboat/kayak. See the whale watching links on our whale watching page to contact companies that will offer you an enjoyable trip!

The 3rd unit, the West Coast Trail is not easily accessible from Ucluelet. Permission must be granted to hike in this area. Pacific Rim National Park.

Wickinninnish Beach is home to the Wickinninnish Interpretive Centre and restaurant – just 15 minutes from town, just inside the National Park.

Long Beach is located 10 minute drive from Ucluelet and is actually located BETWEEN Ucluelet and Tofino (not in Tofino, as many people think.)

Halfmoon Bay

The 1-kilometre Halfmoon Bay Trail is a short hike that takes you through a lush rainforest before descending a steep set of wooden, cliff-hugging steps that exit onto a scenic and secluded beach area.


The Halfmoon Bay Trail starts along the Willowbrae Trail, at the top of the steps that lead down to a small beach. Walk along the trail and up the stairs, following the boardwalk and a dirt path as it meanders through the lush, mossy forest. Continue along the trail as it rounds the corner onto a gravel section and reaches the top of a long set of stairs and downward wooden ramps. Climb down the steps and zigzag back along the hillside, then carefully make your way down the final wooden ramp and onto the beach.

Rainforest Trail

Located in Pacific Rim National Park, the scenic Rainforest Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails among locals and visitors in the Tofino-Ucluelet area. The trail has two routes, one on each side of the highway (listed as “Route A” and “Route B” below). The parking lot is located on the west (ocean) side of the highway.


Radar Hill

Radar Hill is definitely one of the Tofino sights not to be missed. It’s a quick and easy walk to the top and the views are beautiful. Definitely one of the few places in Tofino where you can see above the forest see where you are. Almost everywhere else in Pacific Rim Park you are engulfed in trees or down by the ocean. From Radar Hill you rise above everything and there is even a mapboard at the summit naming the visible landmarks you can see on a clear day. Owing to Radar Hill being a military construction you can drive right to it. The 100 metre walk to the top of the hill and viewpoints takes only five or so minutes.

radar hill

View of Broken Group Islands

broken group view